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Beijing in winter not only has a 筆事long and ancient charm

also witnessing m劇票ajor international exhibitions

for domestic and international ex店市changes and world econo靜東mic and trade cooperation

significant driving effect broug農子ht about





The First Chain市現 Expo is Coming.

Welcome friends from 做雪all over the world to c年話lock in~



Join the world an醫睡d create the future together!


Address: Beijing China Internati弟志onal Exhibition Cen樹爸ter (Shunyi Hall)


Basic information


Exhibition Name: China International Supply Chain 木業Promotion Expo


Time: November 28th to Decemb愛算er 2nd, 2023


Venue: China International Exhibit關得ion Center (Shunyi Hall), Beijing, Chi術朋na


Organizer: China Council for the Prom低鐘otion of International Trade


Co-organizer: China International Exhibition Center 車一Group Co., Ltd


Supporting units (to be invited開微)支持單位(拟邀):

United Nations Industrial Development O話綠rganization (UNIDO)

Food and Agricultu愛說re Organization of the United 些遠Nations (FAO)

United Nations Env長很ironment Programme (UNEP)

United Nations Conference on Trade and 去道Development (UNCTAD)

World Health Organization飛鐘 (WHO)

International Cha坐山mber of Commerce (ICC)做微







Background Significance


The world today is experiencing a gre在飛at change that has not happened in a人錯 century. The COVID-19 has far-reachi算海ng impact. The recovery of the worl對樂d economy is difficult and tortuous. T答器he economic globalization is encount國機ering a countercurrent術來. The global industrial chain s件銀upply chain is undergoing accel做跳erated restructuring. Count如人ries have placed more priority on the頻請 stability of the industrial chai大鐘n supply chain. The們刀 industrial chain市土 supply chain connects the econ下雪omies of various countries, connec高微ting the global 厭湖flow of funds, indus見知tries, and technology for enterp線熱rises. Building a stable, safe, 小人and smooth global industrial c請答hain supply chain syste答森m is a common expec笑做tation of the internation家舞al business community and a shared物白 responsibility of the 作票international community.


The China Council for the 呢區Promotion of Internationa章師l Trade (CCPIT) held筆河 an expo with the theme相來 of global supply chain, which is groun匠近dbreaking in the wor開歌ld. It not only pr她哥ovides new opportun窗她ities for countries around the wor知草ld to expand economic and trade 醫些cooperation with Chin來光a, but also builds a new platform 公現for countries to carr術他y out international trade and s拿靜hare cooperation opportunities. By暗聽 hosting the Chain Expo, we aim to p吃畫romote trade and investment libe月業ralization and facilitation, promote拍草 smoother and more efficient industr體林ies in various cou匠子ntries, and promote globa秒短l economic recovery, growth,站來 and globalization.


Exhibition content


The first Chain Expo 白風will focus on the th從技eme of "Li湖房nking the World, Crea音動ting a Future Together&q北厭uot;, creating an open internati的看onal cooperation 喝答platform that integ民哥rates upstream, midstream, 件女and downstream 聽如key industries, links large and sm放空all enterprises, co線房llaborates with industr小作y, academia, research, 道商and application, and inte還從racts with Chinese 志信and foreign enterprises, active習來ly maintaining t志吃he stability of the glob又內al industrial c湖文hain supply chain.

首屆鍊博會(huì)將(jiāng)以“ 鍊接世界,共創未來” 為主題,打造一頻去個重點行業上中下遊融通、大中小企業鍊接、 産學(xué她舞)研用協同、中外企業互動的開(kāi)國水放型國(guó)際合作平台,積極維護全球産業鍊家可供應鍊穩定。

The first Chain Expo, based on the p門河rinciple of "co construction弟討, co promotion, and sharing&qu土少ot;, set up five風紅 major chains and supply chain ser家放vice exhibition a視樹reas, including the smart 海友car chain, green agriculture chain, c廠坐lean energy chain, di科廠gital technology chain, and healthy 熱睡life chain, showcasing advanced tech從錢nologies and products在懂 in the upstream, midstr湖業eam, and downstream of ea就場ch industry chain, as well as 什科supply chain services such as bank妹麗ing, insurance, trade c姐報onsulting, comm小東ercial law, cultural education,廠麗 and innovative design, creating 腦問a collection of trade p海店romotion, invest校的ment cooperation, and 木藍innovation accumulation A high-end plat喝劇form that integrate著銀s learning and com跳離munication functions.

首屆鍊博會(huì)以“共建、共促、共享” 為原則,設員商置智能(néng)汽車鍊、綠色農業鍊、清潔能(néng)國書源鍊、數字科技鍊、健康生活鍊等5大鍊條和供應鍊服務展區,展示各産業鍊上中紅裡下遊先進(jìn)技術、産品以及銀行、保險、貿易咨詢、商事(音鐵shì)法律、文化教育、創新設計等供應鍊服務,打造集貿易促進務得(jìn)、投資合作、創新積聚、學地月(xué)習交流等功能(néng)于一體的高端平台。

The first Chain Exp河能o will invite t兵商he most representative enterprises in是房 the global indust河那ry chain supply chain to showca爸書se the latest achievements in scientifi訊場c research, technolo又花gy, equipment, applicat煙花ions, and future development trends. 能間The exhibition wi山算ll adopt a scene based and interactive 舞站presentation, providing viewers w如姐ith an immersiv站區e experience, high懂愛lighting green 離對development, low-c你討arbon environmental pr為很otection, and digi姐吧tal transformation. Targeting both 房冷professional audiences and variou業那s fields of society such as scie風廠ntific research institution學拿s and universities; Empha村樂sis is placed on both trade and 城遠investment cooperation, as w員我ell as brand enhancement.



Five major chains


Intelligent Vehicle Chain智能(néng綠化)汽車鍊

Display the core raw ma舊來terials, key components and p河影ower systems, intelligent d做弟riving, integrated produ南是cts of start-up electric vehicle enterp放船rises, and other upstre錯樹am, midstream, 作看and downstream key technologies煙藍 and products in the new energy小間 vehicle industry chain, integrate 行媽charging service年街s, automotive financ分唱e and other services,資視 focus on the innovative developme遠章nt of electrification and綠票 intelligence, a這習nd enhance internal industry 月請cooperation, cross-borde慢話r integration, and resource sharing.


Green agricultu吧在ral chain綠色農業鍊

Focus on the core links, key technologi習從es, and products of the agri務空cultural industry 空業chain, with a focus on sho文遠wcasing seed rese機船arch and development, green agricultur下一al products, smart agricul我業tural applications, modern intellig書請ent agricultural mach遠現inery and equipment, plan少外ting and breeding, a樂坐nd agricultural product proc少他essing technologies, as well as ag器頻ricultural products with regional ch都土aracteristics, and suppo暗日rting agricultural related financ鄉靜ial, logistics, s黑麗ales and other services.


Clean energy chain清潔能(看信néng)源鍊

Focusing on new technologies, pr樂森oducts, trends, and trends in photov去是oltaic, wind po木的wer, energy storage, hydrogen水姐 energy, smart grid, low-carbon 樹章traditional energy,歌線 and coordinated developm聽議ent of traditional and呢用 new energy, pro妹還moting complementary and integrat街劇ed development of multi能林ple energy sources, and helping to新船 achieve low-carbon devel地好opment goals.


Digital technolog鐵費y chain數字科技鍊

Showcasing cutting-edge digit聽讀al technology, emergi務懂ng industries, an從厭d solutions and ap和大plication products that em到費power different industr子街ies, with underlying technologic腦時al changes, mid-level industry incub也好ation, and upper level application 舞通scenarios as the main theme, co音購nnecting innovation, industry, and 要章application ends, presenting key lin車些ks and key contents of the digital econ子冷omy throughout the entire ch內我ain, promoting deep integration a農行nd upgrading of the digital economy a就體nd the real econ樹上omy


Healthy Life Chain健康生活鍊

Showcasing key links, products事做 and technologie要坐s in the health p又機roduct and service industry, 場空as well as traditional characteristic i了哥ndustries such as tradit時麗ional Chinese medicine and health水相care, covering a弟空 complete health product and 白志service chain from birth t師一o elderly care, presenting cu知資tting-edge concepts in 女白the field of healthy liv身器ing, especially solutio人靜ns that combine technologi秒年cal innovation and human樂都istic care, pro愛草moting the inte雨通gration and development of variou理腦s industries in the fiel男學d of general health.



A large exhibition area


Supply Chain Services Exh錯麗ibition Area供應鍊服務展區

Provide integrated solu要校tions for the global sup校朋ply chain, including com新輛prehensive logistics, IoT technology a好樂nd software services, automated distr拿暗ibution logistics systems, and compre玩市hensive services such as finance,大刀 insurance, and commercial 輛風law. Promote industrial chain integrat花笑ion and green transformation, and promo筆道te cost reduction and efficiency時些 increase in various industries.



Extension activities


Global Supply Chain I算坐nnovation and Dev電著elopment Summit全球供應街畫鍊創新發(fā)展峰會(huì)

The summit will be held with 山票the theme of "unblock文生ing global supply ch見微ains and promoting globa如從l economic recovery"好老;, in a combination of onli樂妹ne and offline methods. We p妹在lan to invite party and state 兵刀leaders, relevant national的暗 politicians, relevant national envo資舊ys to China, repres慢文entatives of relevant街刀 domestic ministries an跳兵d trade promotion systems, leaders of i訊關nternational organizations and e女金conomic institutions, r城文epresentatives of foreign b身年usiness associations, and leade友新rs of key enterprises to attend.

Focusing on strengthening international錢媽 cooperation in身身 the industrial chain a近劇nd supply chain, pr弟見omoting global ec員會onomic recovery, a討輛nd other topics, we will con師他duct in-depth exchanges, explore new s民我olutions to mainta城河in the stability and sm近行oothness of the global indus區站trial chain and supply chai家你n, and release the Global Supply C通了hain Promotion Report.



Special Forum專題論壇

Hold an industry themed子北 forum around each of the five major c路謝hains to explore new prospects, tech我能nologies, and trends in eac雨理h industry, promote stable a去作nd smooth supply chain and弟文 innovative deve看綠lopment, help enterprises o區要btain information, and explore new mark對音et opportunities.


Other Activities其他用快活動

The Chain Expo will a些家lso hold investment and financing t市術hemed salons, po器冷licy interpretation meetin謝離gs, technical seminars,門哥 new product launches, matchmaki東老ng and signing appointments, enterp報花rise signing cer玩開emonies, and other朋對 supporting activities to further a不路mplify exhibition effectiveness and 書微expand spillover effects.


Exhibition highlights


High specification exhibitio跳劇n platform高規格的展會(huì)平台

The Expo invites nat村著ional leaders, as well as high-l答木evel guests and renow內鐘ned experts and scholars from短司 industry regulatory de河事partments within China, relevant in謝美ternational org雜說anizations, domestic and fo用謝reign industry organizat河雨ions, domestic foreign associations,長嗎 Fortune 500 enterpris著就es, central enterprises, 離秒and key enterprises, to participate暗煙 and visit. We will bu近窗ild a high-end platform for裡來 government enterprise di事坐alogue and international excha月多nge and coopera土綠tion, and work toget會分her with countries and international跳行 organizations around the上日 world to make the Chain Ex玩個po an international first-class 村煙expo, Assist in the stable and smoot暗些h supply chain of the gl畫頻obal industrial chain, i做嗎nject new momentum into econo草身mic and trade coo微報peration and promote innovative 跳公development among小的 countries.

博覽會(huì)邀請國(guó)家領導人以及來自中國(guó)境内行業主管部話白門、相關國(guó)際組織、國(guó)内外行業組織、境内外商協會(huì文們)、世界 500 強企業、中央他飛企業、重點企業的高級别嘉賓和知名專家學(xué)者參展參會(huì頻都)參觀,搭建高端政企對(duì)話平台和國(guó)際交流合作平台遠靜,同世界各國(guó)和國(guó)際組織一道(dào),努力麗友把鍊博會(huì)打造成(chéng)國(guó)際一流博覽會(huì)會外,助力全球産業鍊供應鍊穩定暢通,為各國(gu數高ó)開(kāi)展經(jīng)貿合作、推動音錢創新發(fā)展注入新動能(néng)。

Large scale, strong professionalism, an坐老d high degree of internationaliz土醫ation規模大、專業性強、國(南商guó)際化程度高

●The exhibition cov低白ers an area of over 關相100000 square meters, with over 300 wo我木rld-renowned enterprises participatin長靜g in the exhibition.報市

Representative ente頻見rprises from the five ma謝了jor industrial cha月西ins gather in Beijing.&分煙nbsp;

●The Expo focuses on inviting開紙 leading domestic 文還and foreign enterprises from the five 兵花major industry c秒音hains to participate, showcasing the章看 latest technologies and pro紅數ducts in key links upstream, midst科市ream, and downstr會身eam of the indust相習ry chain.

●Exhibiting and participating ente海到rprises have a high degree of internat知習ionalization. The Expo invites 的讀hundreds of globally renowned multina少女tional enterpris山你es from over 30 countrie厭我s and regions to partic們明ipate, with an expected prop明做ortion of inter媽事national exhibitors exceed窗見ing 30%.




Broad international c我道ooperation platforms國(guó)際合作平台廣闊

●The organizer, the China C電小ouncil for the Promotion of Internatio行低nal Trade, will highlig從學ht the functions of 明我connecting government and ent雪畫erprises, integrat光都ing internal and external resour這間ces, and facilitating supply and demand上都. It will fully utilize data r票雪esources for precis放樹e analysis, and publish supply and dem花文and information online and off理國line in both direct歌妹ions to assist in accurate docking bet可去ween supply and demand. 海音Inviting domesti開話c large, medium, an了工d small enterprises, gov林對ernment visiting grou嗎腦ps, and overseas buyers數很 to participate in special suppl厭又y and demand coordination meetings,鐵歌 national investment roadshows, and oth爸藍er activities, to facilitate precise c船北oordination between exh國票ibitors and buyers.

●The first Chain Expo is expe舊紅cted to have over 100000 prof放農essional buyers務輛 and visitors.

●The proportion of 去數international b通短uyers is expected to excee高習d 40%, covering over 50 co司麗untries and regions.




Play a leading role發(fā)揮引領妹慢作用

●Release the "Beijing Initiative&坐信quot; to strengthen glob民新al industrial chain sup高離ply chain cooperation and propose女生 a China plan f算長or open global supply cha線會in cooperation.

●Release the Global Supply Chain Promot說朋ion Report and industr畫畫y information.



Multi channel med草見ia, 24/7, all-round 問很and three-dimensional promotion多渠道(dà書鐵o)媒體全天候全方位立體式宣傳

●Through the central m文綠edia, professional medi拿物a, overseas media, as well as Facebo房近ok, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok件那, Tiktok, Kwai, video number, mic你計roblog and othe相分r We Media platforms,作能 we reported the grand event of the E友看xpo through multiple友關 channels and comprehensively, helping 票厭enterprises to i報煙mprove brand exposure, expand inf如拍luence, and present a colorful and thr劇紙ee-dimensional chain e火農xpo from all perspectives.


Enlarge the exhibition e男男ffect through online exhibitions樹不線上展覽放大展會(huì)效果

● Build an onli雜裡ne exhibition platform that provid吃司es online viewi暗人ng, live streaming of events, negoti舊弟ation and matchmaking service區現s throughout the entire proces北地s.

● 搭建線上展覽平台,全程提供線上觀展、活動直播、洽談做她對(duì)接和交易撮合服務。民姐

Create a good display and communicat高雜ion platform打造良好(hǎo)的展示交線這流平台

● The Chain Expo一睡 actively strength場樹ens intellectual p兵知roperty protection, optim和知izes intellectual property 們刀services, takes multiple m雪店easures before, during, and服農 after the exhibition照船, provides intel長友lectual property 門窗services, and establishes a w校飛ork contact mechanism wi藍錢th relevant intel章技lectual property departments, 紅錯striving to create a good exhib老亮ition transaction environment for exhib子醫itors and buyers.

● 鍊博會(huì)積極加強知識産錯林權保護,優化知識産權服務,在展前、展中和展後(hòu)各個環節采為服取多項措施,提供知識産權服務,站商并與相關知識産權部門建立工作聯系地西機制,努力為參展商和采購商營造良票銀好(hǎo)的展會(huì)交易環境。


Buyer registration

Miss Long 1892950從你7518


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